Concert Black Amazing Stands

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RC Williams Company is now offering its Amazing Bass Stand and Amazing Cello Stand in Concert Black which allows performers to virtually blend into the stage while still providing a way to protect the instrument from damage and preventing fatigue during any performance.

Although RC Williams Company owner, Rick Williams, came up with this idea over a year ago, he wanted to ensure that the Concert Black version of the Amazing Bass Stand and the Amazing Cello Stand met the highest standards before releasing the product. As Rick Williams explained, “I had to look for quite a while to find the quality material I had in mind regarding the panel size and a color through option. Using the Black Diamond MDF allows the stands to have more professional appearance, and it gives the performer a more fashionable option without sacrificing comfort. Everyone wants to look and play their best on stage.”

The Concert Black version has rubber bumpers on the contact surfaces to protect the edges of a bass or cello when placed on the stand. The instruments are at greatest risk of damage on the floor of a stage or an orchestra pit.  The Concert Black version of the Amazing Bass Stand has all the  features of the standard model with a more stylized appearance in the BLACK DIAMOND MDF with a hand rubbed oil finish.