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Rick is an inventor, an innovator, small business owner, community leader, volunteer, husband, dad, and grandpa.   Rick is a former equal equity owner and co-founder of KC Strings, INC. Rick was the creative force behind all American- made products while he was with KCS and headed up all manufacturing and production. In 2010, he launched his own company, KCNC Production and Design, LLC.  Feeling his talents would best be utilized by narrowing his focus on American- made stringed instrument accessories and Luthier parts and supplies, Rick officially split from KC Strings in 2011.

Rick Williams is the creative genius behind the RC Williams Company. Rick diligently works with professionals, student players and Stringed Instrument makers to design and engineer solutions to enhance the handling, transporting, playing or the making of musical instruments. He makes the magic happen!

Rick’s reputation as a consummate professional and dedication to perfection is reflected in all of his projects. Additionally, he brings over 50 years of talented experience in the woodworking profession, a lifelong passion he continues to pursue.

Rick has been designing exceptional stringed instruments and unique accessories since the early 1990s. As the owner of the R.C. Williams Cabinet Makers, he skillfully learned the intricacies of small business ownership and established a commitment to fulfilling his client’s dreams with one-of –a- kind, superlative projects.

Rick is married to Nancy McGuire. Nancy provides not only the daily support of his business activities but also enthusiastically fills many other roles as needed. Together Rick and Nancy have 3 children and six grandchildren, who contribute significantly to their very active and busy life.

If you’d like to talk to Rick, he can be reached at rick@rcwilliamsco.com .