Double Bass Buggie

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Introducing the safe, easy, affordable and secure way to transport your Double Bass. While only weighing 3.5 lbs., it is a lightweight gear addition that serves a  great purpose. In addition to its mobile functions, it can also keep  your bass standing upright and possibly hands free on even surfaces.

For  more information on the Bass Buggie and to see it in action, be sure to  watch our YouTube video. If you have any questions, feel free to  contact us today!

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Ever  since the introduction of the Bass Buggie over 10 years ago,  transporting your upright bass has never been easier or more convenient.  Long gone are the days of straining your back or shoulders while having  to haul around your double bass. With this ergonomic invention from  RC Williams Company, you’ll have an easy to use way of moving  your bass in minutes!

This  U.S. made innovation will allow your instrument to stand upright during  transport, and can easily fit to any size bass from 1/10 to 4/4. Made  for use either with or without an instrument bag, the Bass Buggie will  strap the body of your bass in an instant. It will easily maneuver over  indoor or outdoor terrain, and will help reduce possible wear & tear  done to your instrument during transport. The Bass Buggie makes the old  Bass Wheel obsolete!